IMEC Business Coaching

Career does not simply happen?! – Or does it?

We think so. Because it is a result of your efforts in developing crucial skills, make use of them until they have become a natural part of yourself and follow an outlined career plan.  

This is where our coaching programs start:

Develop perspectives, define career goals, develop skills and resources purposefully. We guide you on your personal way to success – no matter if you define new goals or need to prepare for an important situation. Our systemic management coaching also supports working on your business personality: effective self-management, development of leadership and goal-oriented implementation expertise are only a few options. This we offer at an attractive price.


Don´t ignore your opportunities! Choose evolution. Choose IMEC.

IMEC Future-coaching

IMEC Performance-Coaching

IMEC Personality-Coaching

Do you ask yourself questions like: “What exactly do I want? Which step is the correct one? What satisfies me? Which education is an option for me?”

You are not the only one. Many of our clients find their “individual path” with the support of our Future-coaching program.


After 2-3 sessions you have usually answered the most important questions and chosen a direction.

How? Together with your coach you work goal oriented on the most important questions and reflect your needs, mobilize your resources and fix the most important steps. In this process we pay attention to the important aspects in your life (career, finances, family, friends etc.) and take the right decisions.


Planning your life can be fun and motivating – with our Future coaching.

Budget negotiations, official speeches, performance reviews with staff members or stressful job interviews – we have to face numerous challenges every day. Our clients use the professional IMEC Performance-Coaching for being prepared.


The systemic coaching approach combined with our coaches’ practical management experience enables us to provide our clients a solid support – no matter what challenge you have to face. Already 1-2 sessions can make the difference. Amaze your audience by choosing the “right tone”, convince your interview partner with your impressive presentation skills and show your potential.


Use the IMEC Performance-Coaching and be prepared.

Personality is a key factor in our career – but one dedicates only little in progressing it. Our clients use our business coaches’ experience to analyse their personality, identify development areas and evolve in a targeted manner.


During the first session we analyse your personality structure which is followed by the identification of the individual development areas - always bearing in mind your own targets - and by choosing appropriate steps to create change.

Goals which can be implemented short-term will be realized, long-term paradigm shifts prepared and a sustainable ‘change management’ conducted. 


Work on your personality – develop your potential. Start now.

Our Coaching-Philosophy

We understand Coaching as structured support in developing a sustainable perspective for life and career as well as finding an effective way putting the perspectives in practice. You work with our coaches on your personality and all resources you need to reach your goals.


We take advantage of the effective toolbox of systemic coaching: circular interrogating, target models of different entitlement mentality, change in perspective and constellation work. We use the right tools to “adjust the screws” to make the long-term success possible. 


Our Coaching enables you to optimize your overall situation – and not only to tackle a single challenge.


Your coach is responsible for the process, you implement the result.

Professional coaching. Effective and worth its price.

During our “Starter-Coaching” we work 1.5hours intensively on shaping your future – 199,- EUR – a small investment with great effect. You will immediately benefit. Promised!

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